A little about me…

I’m a software engineer and work as an independent software developer and consultant. Software development is my passion.

Since my beginnings around 1998 and up to 2012, I have worked as software developer, functional analyst, software architect and technical manager of developer teams. I have always worked as a full time “employee” during that time. Through the lasts years of that period, I worked mainly as lead software architect and team leader for an Argentinian software factory, having the opportunity to work in projects for big corporations. Long and short projects. Big and small teams. I’ve seen a lot of software development.

And this changed me.

I’ve seen big companies developing software and doing it the right way… but I’ve also seen them doing it bad, really bad. Why? I think there are tons of reasons. Some are simple and obvious, and others are complex and subtle. In this blog I want to share my own experiences, the goods and the bad ones. Most of the ideas and topics that I write about are not new nor original, and most of them were proposed before me by other people. My intention is not claiming ideas as my own. On the contrary, I want to support these ideas by sharing them in the context of my own experiences.

In 2012 I quit my job to pursuit an independent career, working for several clients around the globe. I’ve met a lot of interesting people and companies, and improved my professional knowledge in a huge way. The road is ever changing, with new challenges and projects. From every project I get new experiences and I’m always learning new things. I will try to share all this with you on this blog.

To conclude this brief introduction, let me tell you that I do have a normal life outside of my profession as a software engineer. I’m an avid PC gamer, I love sports, nature and the outdoors.

Diego in Nahuel Huapi Lake, Patagonia

Me in one the places in the world that I love the most: Nahuel Huapi Lake, in Patagonia, Argentina.


Also in any spare time I might have, I like experimenting new business ideas from time to time. Currently I’m writing some articles and product reviews on GearPriest.com, as a hobby and maybe as future side business.