How I fell in love with Laravel

By Diego | Misc

Jun 29

Hello everyone! I’m back from a long absence in the blog. So much has changed and evolved since I started the website and publishing my initial posts. Let me try to summarize what happened, with a love story included, and what you can expect from now on.

Back in 2012…

When I created this website back in 2012, I was just starting as an independent software engineer. I was looking for clients and contractor work, and I quickly found it. I used the skills I had up to that moment, and quickly started working as a software developer using Symfony 2 (the best PHP framework at that time, at least from my knowledge) and Android, to build mobile apps, backend services and REST APIs.

And I was doing good right from the start, finding clients and work. So I began using some of my (back then) new and beloved free time between jobs to write about technology and project management. After a few months a new lead and contact came in, and I started working as usual. But that relationship grew very fast, and soon I was putting almost all of my working time for this new client / contract. Back in the day that company was called Emerson Media, but now goes by the name of SiteRocket Labs.

Laravel? M’kay

At this point, and after a few successful projects, I had the opportunity of jumping into a “new and very promising PHP framework”, in their own words. Laravel. I had to admit that I knew nothing about it at the moment. The main skill that made the company contract me was my skill and experience with Symfony, so if they wanted me to switch over to Laravel, I supposed they knew what they were doing.

At that time I was literally in love with Symfony. Changing to a different PHP framework was not even a remote idea for me. But… this is work – I thought -. And I love to learn new things. My contractor offered me the opportunity to learn it on the job, and start working on some projects, so I gladly accept it.

And I have to say, I don’t regret the decision not even a tiny bit. It was not long before I started to like Laravel, really a lot. I had a few moments that I even thought I was “cheating” on my confessed “best programming framework” of all times. The notion that Laravel used some Symfony components on it’s core made me feet a little bit better at those times, though. But it wasn’t long for my heart and mind to fell for Laravel altogether.

Time went by, working on multiple projects, all with Laravel. My bond with it grew larger and larger, until I reached a point where I didn’t though on working on anything BUT Laravel! As all this was happening, I stopped writing in the blog. I was so much focused on my “new tech toy” that I rarely wanted to do anything else. I knew that I should’ve worked on some articles for my blog, but I didn’t have any passion for writing on my past topics or techs, and at the same time, I felt not good enough for writing about Laravel, not yet.

And what to expect from now on

So after a few years, it’s time to put an end to my absence! I’m back, and I hope I’m going to be contributing at least a few articles each month. Of course I will share things Laravel related, but also other new cool things, practices and technologies that I’ve came across and really like working with.

For all of you out there Symfony lovers, please don’t hate. I still think Symfony is one of the best things ever created by man. Well… ok maybe not that much, but at least is one of the best frameworks ever made, not only in PHP but across programming languages. It’s really awesome and I still recognize that, and value all that it gave me during all those years, from the old Symfony 1.0 up to Symfony 2.  But Laravel is my choice now, my last love!

Way back in 2012 I used to add some music clips to my rambling articles, and I will continue with that tradition whenever I can. So here it goes… This is for you Laravel:


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