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Nov 11

Laravel Migrations: Write those Foreign Keys from the start!

By Diego | Laravel

“I see dead records…” has become a fairly common catch phrase for me in some projects lately. The dark practice of delaying the proper writing of the FKs in the migration files. Why devs fall into it and for what purpose is, most of the time,  shady at best.

I never found a good explanation for this practice. Read through, you may be another “Cole” from The Sixth Sense with the potential to save hundreds of lost records…

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Sep 16

The importance of frontend techs for backend developers

By Diego | Software Practices

During the past few years I’ve been working mostly as software engineer focused on the backend side and architecture of the systems I developed. But in the last few weeks I had to get up to speed with some frontend techs that sparked an old flame. How could I’ve been out of this for so long? Today I’m rambling a little about why I think a developer needs to keep in touch with both worlds, with my personal story mixed… and the usual song treat at the end ;)

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Jun 29

How I fell in love with Laravel

By Diego | Misc

Hello everyone! I’m back from a long absence in the blog. So much has changed and evolved since I started the website and publishing my initial posts. Let me try to summarize what happened, with a love story included, and what you can expect from now on.

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